About ReTone®

It all started with a post-pregnancy mother of two who could not find a product that met her needs. She wanted to reduce the appearance of her stretch marks safely and effectively.  As an educated consumer with advanced knowledge of many cosmetic ingredients, she knew she was looking for something more than a basic stretch mark cream, but also didn’t want to go so far as emptying her pockets for an expensive and painful cosmetic procedure.

After bringing this dilemma to her husband, the two teamed up with a lifelong friend in the cosmetic industry to create the revolutionary system behind the ReTone Stretch Mark Therapy Kit. Together, they were able to turn their idea into a product that could help anyone – both men and women – restore confidence in their appearance and feel great about the skin they’re in.

Receiving wonderful reviews encouraged ReTone to continue to expand their line of skin care products, helping individuals with skin conditions beyond stretch marks.


We Believe in Our Product

ReTone products are based upon these core beliefs.

Blending into Your Daily Routine

We believe caring for your skin should be simple and straightforward. Although skin conditions are complicated, getting rid of them shouldn’t be.  ReTone products can easily become part of your every day routine.

Combining Proven Ingredients in a Comprehensive Approach

We believe in helping you get your confidence back the healthy and natural way.  All ReTone ingredients were chosen for their safety, and for the way they work together to produce optimal results for your skin.

Starting the Conversation

We believe you should be comfortable in your own skin and should feel comfortable talking about your body.  We invite you to try ReTone so you can see the results for yourself, and share your joy with others.

We Believe in You 

Here’s what customers are saying about ReTone.


This product exceeded my expectations. I tried many different products for scar tissue and stretch marks which yielded little results. I was hesitent to try this product but glad I did! It really works if you stick to the application process. Can’t beat the price and the ingredients in this product. Great buy!


I started using this product after giving birth to my son. I had stretch marks all over my abdomen. After he was born, they were still there and were very dark and visible. After a month of using this kit I started really noticing a difference. My dark and visible stretch marks became just faint white marks on my skin. I continue to faithfully use this product because everything I had used before did not work.