Frequently Asked Questions

Preventing Stretch Marks


Q: What’s the most effective way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

A: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Applying oil is the most effective way to keep your skin supple and prevent it from tearing as it stretches to its limits. Take your stretch mark prevention one step further with ReTone Body Oil, a uniquely non-greasy formula complete with essential oils, vitamins, and the coveted Gotu Kola.

Q: At what stage of pregnancy should I start using a stretch mark prevention product?

A: All – especially if you have family history of stretch marks. But, be sure to ask your doctor before trying a new product. To help prevent stretch marks and to keep your skin moisturized during the hormonal imbalances of pregnancy we recommend starting to use a product as early as possible.


Q: How does ReTone Body Oil differ from other oils that are commonly used to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

A: ReTone Body Oil does not cut any corners. Every ingredient was chosen with pregnancy safety and efficacy in mind. We’ve combined some of the most sought after ingredients in other products, essentially revolutionizing a blend of the most powerful essential oils and vitamins. Plus, the controlled dispensing system and high viscosity formula work together to deliver an oil that will quickly absorb into your skin instead of leaving you with that infamous oily residue.

Q: Does ReTone Body Oil work on all skin tones and types?

A: ReTone is safe to use on all skin tones and types.

Q: How long does the Body Oil last?

A: Less is more when it comes to oil, especially a high viscosity oil that absorbs quickly. Our unique, controlled dispenser releases one drop of oil at a time, allowing you to use only as much as you need instead of finding yourself with handfuls of leftover, greasy residue.

Q: Can ReTone Body Oil also reduce the appearance of my existing stretch marks?

A: Reducing the appearance of your stretch marks can be accomplished with an oil or a cream – it usually comes down to preference. The ReTone Body Oil provides all the necessary ingredients in high enough concentrations to reduce the appearance of your existing scars or stretch marks. If you prefer a cream, try our proven ReTone Stretch Mark Therapy Kit.