Choose What’s Best for You: A Review of Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oils

With the myriad of skin care options on the market, finding a skin care product that works for your skin’s varying and unique needs can be challenging. When it comes to pregnancy skin care, it’s increasingly important to find what will help support and nourish your skin as it stretches and protects.

Most pregnancy stretch mark oils state they have proven benefits and deliver desired results, but you’ve been here before. With so many products to choose from, what really works and what doesn’t?

Instead of playing the guessing game and shelling out more money for pregnancy stretch mark oils to see what is effective for you, start here:

We’ve reviewed seven oils for pregnancy stretch marks to help you learn about the most popular oils and get a good sense of what product may be best for you.

Stretch Mark Oils for Pregnancy

Gotu Kola.
Known as the herb of longevity, gotu kola has been said to hold the power to boost intelligence, promote kidney and liver health, and heal damaged skin – especially scars and stretch marks.

Gotu kola is also known as “tiger’s herb”, for legend claims that injured tigers rub against the herb to heal their wounds.

As a pregnancy stretch mark oil, gotu kola has been shown to increase the body’s collagen production.1 This is significant because, in turn, gotu kola not only aids in treating and fading existing stretch marks, but it also helps prevent new stretch marks from forming.

Bio Oil.
If you’re interested in pregnancy stretch mark oil, you’ve probably already heard of bio oil. Bio oil during pregnancy can help enhance the skin’s overall appearance and fade stretch marks.

It’s important to note that this type of body oil uses retinol palmitate, a form of vitamin A. There’s an ongoing debate about its safety, and most medical professionals don’t recommend its use in pregnancy.

Additionally, bio oil uses mineral oil, which is also not preferred for use in pregnancy.

Coconut Oil.
Coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy has been called somewhat of a triple threat with antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. Because coconut oil easily absorbs into the skin, it helps prevent free radical damage and can improve the appearance of stretch marks on most skin types.

Virgin, organic coconut oil is the purest, most effective form of the oil – compared to most wholesale options.

It’s important to note; however, that there isn’t a large body of scientific evidence linking coconut oil to a reduction in stretch marks. Coconut oil certainly has many benefits for your skin, but in regards to stretch marks the results are mostly anecdotal.

Tamanu Oil.
From the fruit kernel of the tamanu tree found in Southeast Asia, tamanu oil boasts several skin-specific benefits. Most importantly, the nutrient-rich oil’s ability to heal and regenerate skin tissue and expedite the overall stretch mark healing and fading process.

Rosehip Oil.
Rosehip seed oil contains essential vitamins and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and absorbs easily into the top derma layer. This oil also offers numerous benefits, with the most sought-after being its ability to improve skin complexion and stimulate the production of collagen fibers.

Vitamin E Oil.
Vitamin E oil for pregnancy delivers a one-two punch with anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits. Widely used as a supplementary oil, vitamin E oil is commonly mixed with other essential oils to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When combined with vitamin C, antioxidant properties and the production of collagen increase exponentially.

Argan Oil.
A rare oil that’s high in omega-6 and -9 fatty acids, argan oil helps deeply moisturize the skin, improve elasticity and boost skin rejuvenation – aiding in powerful stretch mark prevention and treatment.

A Comprehensive Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil that Only Combines the Most Effective Oils

Alone, each of the reviewed oils can be effective, but when combined into one powerful, complete formula, your skin will benefit from more than just stretch mark prevention and treatment.

Combining only the most effective oils, and never adding any fillers or artificial colors, ReTone’s Body Oil is an outlier in the overcrowded pregnancy oil realm.


ReTone is the first pregnancy stretch marks oil with Gotu Kola, giving your skin unrivaled support to reduce scars and stretch marks the natural and safe way.

Additionally, the other oils included in ReTone’s Body Oil – Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil – help your skin stay hydrated, achieve a more even tone, fight aging, maintain a youthful glow, and superb at keeping dry stubborn skin at bay.

Prevent and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks the natural way by extracting the benefits of the most effective pregnancy stretch mark oils in one complete product.

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

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1 National Center for Biotechnology Information. Centella asiatica in cosmetology. Accessed June 7, 2018.