Body Oil Uses

You wake up in the morning and hit the ground running. (Well, unless you’re a ‘but first, coffee,’ kinda person, and if so, we totally get it.)

Your morning beauty and skin care routine is probably one of your first orders of business. It’s what helps you fully wake up, feel energized, and consume the day ahead with absolute confidence.

What if we stopped you before you walked out the door and asked how many chemicals you just applied to your body?

We ask in the name of toxic, synthetic chemicals:

While this would largely be a rhetorical question, it’s important to understand why we would ask:

Did you know, according to research conducted by a widely known aluminum and paraben free deodorant brand, that the average woman applies approximately 515 different synthetic chemicals to her body every day?1

On top of that, it’s been shown that 60 percent of what we apply on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.1

The number may be less for men, but an abundance of skin care and beauty products for men are also made with harmful, synthetic chemicals.

It’s a shocking number, but when you stop to think about it, it quickly begins to make sense. The average individual uses shampoos, conditioners, lotions, deodorants, shaving cream, body sprays or perfumes, hair products, and, of course, several different kinds of makeup products, like lipstick, foundation, blush, etc.

By no means are we suggesting to completely eradicate these products from your routine, as we are right there with you: we enjoy these products and realize what they add to our overall appearance, comfort, and poise.

But when they can expose us to hundreds of harmful chemicals every day, we raise the question:

Is it time for a simpler, more natural product base?

The skin care and beauty markets are undeniably niche. You can find a product for just about every body part, and while tailored products are great, applying 15+ different moisturizers and serums a day can get excessive and – of course – up the chemical count.

The solution? A streamlined skincare and beauty routine that utilizes an incredibly powerful multipurpose product: body oil.

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Benefits of Non-Toxic Body Oils

You’re in and out of weather – hot, cold, windy – and you’re in and out temperature-controlled environments – air conditioning and heating.

Not to mention, you’re in and out of hot baths and showers, constantly washing your hands, exercising on the double (so, hello sweat), and – oh yeah – you’re human, and humans are susceptible to a little thing called stress – which can definitely affect the largest organ on your body.

Through it all, your skin needs some TLC – and not in the form of multiple products and harsh chemicals.

Body Oil for Dry Skin

Natural body oils are:

  • Made of other, all-natural oils and do not require the addition of water, an emulsifier, or preservatives.
  • Also sometimes combined with vitamins and herbs to pack in more punch and allow the body oil to further penetrate the surface of the skin and support elasticity, strength, and firmness.
  • Quickly growing in popularity (even though they have been the go-to skin care product for centuries) and are most commonly known for their ability to seal in moisture after the skin has absorbed water from a shower.
  • Natural skincare products that absorbs quickly because they mimic the natural lipids found in our skin. In turn, body oil is able to prompt quicker repairs to the skin’s moisture barrier and support a more efficient oil production.
  • Extremely effective at preventing or reducing stretch marks and scars, evening skin tone and fighting aging – helping you maintain a youthful glow.


Additional, Unconventional (But Exceedingly Effective) Ways to Use Body Oil

But what you really want to know is just how multifaceted body oil is.

Here’s a teaser: The right body oil can literally be applied from head to toe. Indeed, it’s a bona fide multi-tasker – just like you.

In addition to keeping your skin soft, healthy, and supple all day and night, here are its other super powers:

Body Oil for Eczema, Acne and Dermatitis

For body oils that contain jojoba oil – a waxy extract from the jojoba shrub – eczema, acne and dermatitis can be improved.

While other essential oils found in body oils can help reduce the onset of these skin conditions, jojoba oil delivers some key benefits in this specific area.

  • Studies have shown that jojoba oil can mimic sebum, the skin’s natural oil. In turn, jojoba oil significantly helps support the skin’s overall health by protecting the skin from infection.
  • Research has also revealed that jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties and doesn’t clog pores – two important factors in treating acne, dermatitis and eczema.2

A popular way to relax and combat body acne and eczema is to place some body oil in the bath.

Body Oil for Scars and Stretch Marks

Body oil is rich with antioxidants and other advantageous ingredients that are essential and can make all the difference in preventing stretch makes or treating long-standing, stubborn scars and stretch marks of all kinds.

Since body oils are excellent at absorbing, the key ingredients that get deep into the skin work more effectively to target the layers of skin where most problems, such as stretch marks and scars, exist.

For body oils that contain gotu kola – an herb that is proven to boost antioxidant activity, support collagen production, increase blood circulation, and prevent swelling – the skin’s ability to repair itself and rebuild structure is improved and supported.

Additionally, since we produce less collagen as we age, the development of stretch marks and scars can get worse over time. With extreme stretching of or damage to the skin during the formation of these skin scars, combined with a lack of collagen, the epidermis of the skin easily tears.

Overall, certain body oils can reduce the appearance of old scars and stretch marks, prevent new ones from forming, and make skin strong and healthy.

Body Oil for Hair

Body oil in the hair? Yes, please!

Body oil can be used to:

  • your hair from heat damage
  • Keep the ends of your hair feeling soft and smooth
  • De-frizz your hair
  • Deep-condition your hair by using it as a day or overnight hair mask


Body Oil for Manicures and Pedicures

Dare we say body oil is better than the spa? We’ll let you be the judge, but with the hydrating and nourishing properties of body oil, we do know that it is very effective at softening the cuticles during a manicure and curing dry, cracked feet before or after a pedicure.

Body Oil for Massage and Bath Oil

Not only will you feel calm and restored after a massage or bath (or both!), but you may feel like you’ve been gifted a new layer of skin.

Applying or soaking in generous amounts of natural body oil will leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated – and, without even knowing it, your skin will grow stronger, become firmer and suppler, and radiate a youthful glow.

Psst, while you’re in the bath, use body oil as an all-natural, hydrating shaving “cream.”

One Body Oil Can Deliver These Benefits and Uses from Head to Toe

So, what body oil, you wonder, is natural, safe and has the aforementioned ingredients to deliver in everything you just read?

ReTone Body Oil is the first body oil that’s infused with Gotu Kola and offers one powerful, comprehensive formula to make your skin look beautiful and receive the entire spectrum of support it needs – from staying moisturized and hydrated, achieving a more even tone, fighting aging, maintaining a youthful glow, and much more.

Additionally, ReTone’s Body Oil was especially created to prevent and reduce scars and stretch marks the natural and safe way.

Never adding any fillers or artificial colors, ReTone’s Body Oil was made with your utmost safety in mind.

Give ReTone Body Oil a try and see the difference in your skin for yourself.

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