DIY Pregnancy Care Package

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting, scariest, empowering, nerve-wracking, and beautiful times in a woman’s life. As a friend or loved one to a mom-to-be, we understand that you want to do everything you can to reduce the lows and increase the highs during this nine-month rollercoaster.

Your loved one’s baby registry is jam-packed, and you’ve bought the perfect gift for the new bundle of joy.

But what about your loved one, you wonder? Between her focusing on the nursery and prepping her home, when will she find the time to truly pamper herself?

…and then it hits you! A DIY pregnancy care package would be the perfect, most unexpected (and appreciated!) gift for the pregnant woman in your life. If curated just right, it will help her relax, nourish her body, indulge a little, and focus on taking care of and feeling comfortable and confident in her changing skin.

DIY Pregnancy Care Package Ideas

Pregnancy care packages are creative and thoughtful opportunities to give the expecting woman in your life extra special gifts that she may not buy or discover for herself – gifts that are certainly not on her baby registry, either.

To go the extra mile when piecing your package together, tailor it to all three trimesters and the postpartum phase. Especially if this is your loved one’s first pregnancy, she may not realize what she will need or crave during each stage.

Even if this is your loved one’s third or fifth pregnancy, these DIY pregnancy care package ideas are sure to touch and support her throughout her entire journey.

Pregnancy Care Package First Trimester

The first trimester is full of the ‘oh my gosh, I’m pregnant!’ elation and the ‘morning sickness (that is more like all-day sickness) is the worst’ mood-killers.

For this three-month period that is occupied by ebbs and flows, give your loved one the essentials: love, support, and a ridiculously good skin care product. Here are some suggestions for a pregnancy care package in the first trimester:

  • Card – Hand write your congratulations in a cute card that you know your loved one will melt over.
  • Journal – Even if your loved one has never been an avid journal queen, she may want to chronicle this once-in-a-lifetime journey now. Give her the tools to do just that by gifting her a pretty journal.
  • TUMS® – Some women get heartburn during pregnancy. In case your loved one does, pack TUMS into the package. *TUMS provides safe heartburn relief for women who are pregnant and can also provide calcium.1 It’s always best for your loved one to consult with her doctor before taking any medication or supplement.
  • Water bottle – Hydration is essential during pregnancy, so including a water bottle in your care package can help encourage your loved one to stay on top of her water intake each day.
  • Gift card – Her baby registry may be taken care of, but she undoubtedly has some lingering wants for herself. What’s her favorite store or where could she use a gift card to? Even if it’s a $10 gift card, $10 can go a long way!

Pregnancy Care Package Must-Haves

  • Favorite snacks – Between morning sickness and cravings, your loved one will be ecstatic to see her favorite snacks in your care package so she can happily nibble all day.
  • Stretch mark prevention body oil – Because a woman’s body changes rapidly during pregnancy, it’s essential to start a pregnancy-specific skincare regime right away. Before gifting any product, it’s important to make sure it’s safe for pregnancy and effective to prevent stretch marks. Introduce your loved one to a comprehensive body oil that will prevent or reduce the appearance of marks and scars, even skin tone, and help her maintain her youthful, pregnancy glow.
  • Pregnancy & skin care guide – For any pregnant woman, it can be hard to make sense of all that is happening externally and how to best nurture their skin. Don’t leave this Pregnancy & Your Skin guide out of your care package. It will help your loved one understand how their skin can change during pregnancy and learn effective ways they can work toward healthy, beautiful skin at any gestational or postpartum stage.


Pregnancy Care Package Second Trimester

It’s getting more exciting! Your loved one may be starting to show at the beginning of the second trimester, making these the perfect second trimester pregnancy care package ideas:

  • Maternity clothes – Depending on the season – and what you know she doesn’t already have – help your loved one expand her stylish maternity wardrobe by including a robe, a dress, a top, or leggings in your care package. Feeling comfortable and stylish are two huge wins during pregnancy, and you can help add to your loved one’s confidence.
  • PJs or a body pillow – Sleep may start to get a little uncomfortable during this stage, and in preparation for the third trimester, consider gifting your loved one some pajamas. If she doesn’t already have one, you could be a lifesaver and add a pregnancy pillow to the care package, too.
  • Gift card – What about including a gift card to your loved one’s favorite restaurant so her and her partner can have a date night or kick off a babymoon?

Pregnancy Care Package Must-Haves

  • Offer to take her photo – This is more of a gesture than a material thing, but it’s important. While she may be documenting her pregnancy with mirror selfies, offer to take her picture at the park or at a setting of her choice. She will undoubtedly cherish the photo(s) forever.
  • Favorite treats – Try to add different ones if you did a first trimester care package, but – whatever you do – don’t forget the snacks and treats!
  • Safe and powerful stretch mark body oil – The benefits and necessity of a safe and effective stretch mark prevention body oil cannot be overstated. If your loved one isn’t using anything yet, or you want to introduce her to a product that is safe and delivers results you can see, gift her a stretch mark body oil that’s infused with essential oils, vitamins, and Gotu Kola and supports strength, elasticity and firmness.


Pregnancy Care Package Third Trimester

The home stretch is here, and these third trimester pregnancy care package ideas are sure to carry your loved one through:

  • Letter – Hand written words of love, support, encouragement, excitement and a vision of the future will not only go a long way, but they will also be held dear forever.
  • Bath – A good bath is a true luxury. Help your loved one soak in absolute relaxation and soothing scents by including pregnancy-safe bath oils.
  • Slippers and socks – If it’s winter when you’re making this package, comfortable slippers and socks will be well-loved gifts. Even if it’s summer, that hospital stay for the delivery can be a little on the chilly side (and not pleasant for bare feet). So, help her feet prepare for anything during these final weeks.

Pregnancy Care Package Must-Haves

  • Photo – Every pregnant woman deserves one good photo of her and her bump before birth. If she hasn’t had any taken yet, offer to snap some for her.
  • Favorite Snacks – Over and over, snacks and treats win! No pregnancy care package should be complete without an ample supply of them.
  • Nourishing stretch mark body oil – It’s never too late to help the expecting woman in your life achieve safe, beautiful skin during pregnancy. An effective, multifaceted alternative to certain over-the-counter lotions and moisturizers, stretch mark body oil is a robust, hydrating pregnancy skin care solution that combines essential oils, vitamins, and other substances – such as herbs – to penetrate the surface of the skin and support elasticity, strength, and firmness. Your loved one won’t be able to stop thanking you!


Pregnancy Care Package in Postpartum

The culmination of all the wait and hopes and well-wishes have delivered a new baby and you couldn’t be more excited for your loved one and her growing family. While everyone is swooning over the baby, your attention is on the new mom.

While she (or the hospital) probably has a lot of the nitty-gritty essentials handled, the following postpartum pregnancy care package ideas are sure to come in handy:

  • Hot/cold pack – Labor and delivery test the body like no other, and it will need some support to fully heal. A hot/cold pack can work wonders with ice to reduce swelling (in any area of the body) and heat to increase circulation and relax muscles.
  • Hair ties – With all attention and energy poured into the new babe, there’s no time for fancy hair. So up it goes in a cute bun or ponytail thanks to your thoughtful gift of hair ties.
  • Lip balm – There’s certainly no time for chapped lips as a new mom!
  • Candle – Help your loved one sink deep into relaxation while nursing or soaking in all the newborn goodness with her favorite scented candle.

Pregnancy Care Package Must-Haves

  • Tasty, healthy snacks – Postpartum requires a lot of energy, so granola, date bars, coconut water, etc. (things with high-fiber and high-protein) will help her fuel through her days.
  • Disposable panties/liners/pads – After birth, these are essential for a few weeks.
  • Rejuvenating stretch mark therapy – Acquiring a few stretch marks is very common, and so is feeling uncomfortable in or unhappy with your skin after birth. Help your loved one quickly bounce back with a stretch mark therapy kit that significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks and supports the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin.


Complete Your DIY Pregnancy Care Package with ReTone

A breakthrough in the body oil skin care category, ReTone offers a Gotu Kola oil base with essential oils and vitamins C+E to reach beneath your skin hydrating and supporting strength, elasticity and firmness.

Gotu Kola – known as the herb of longevity – has some of the most amazing skin rejuvenating properties and is proven to boost antioxidant activity, support collagen production, increase blood circulation, and prevent swelling.

While ReTone Body Oil is acclaimed for its ability to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, this quick absorbing body oil helps skin fight aging, maintain a youthful glow, and breathe free without a greasy residue.

Above all, ReTone Body Oil is made with our customers’ utmost safety in mind. Composed of a quick absorbing, non-greasy formula, and never containing any artificial coloring or mineral oils, it will leave skin feeling clean, balanced, protected, and bright.


1 American Pregnancy Association. TUMS During Pregnancy. Accessed January 28, 2019.