Winter Skin Care Routines: By Skin Type

While some sense major weather changes in their bones, others feel seasonal shifts in their skin. When winter weather creeps in, skin begins to look and feel dry, pale, cracked, and itchy.

With shortened days, increased cloud cover, and whipping winds that are remarkably cold and dry – and don’t forget about the moisture-sucking heaters used to warm our homes and offices – our skin needs our support and attention the most during the winter months.

Winter Skin Care Routine

Skin care is hard when both inside and outside environments are quick to steal your skin’s natural moisture, but it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, your skin – regardless of skin type – can look radiant despite it all.

All you need to know is your skin type and be willing to adopt a new winter skin care routine.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Living with already dry skin in the dry climate of winter can make your skin feel raw. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

  • First thing’s first: Ditch the foam-based face wash, as this product is more likely to dry out your skin even more. Consider a gentle cleanser that is proven to help your skin maintain its natural moisture and deliver unrivalled hydration when your skin needs an extra boost.
  • When bathing, keep your water warm but not hot, as hot water can further dry out your skin. (We know, suggesting a shower or bath in anything other than steamy, hot water in the dead of winter is cruel. But, it will help your skin thrive.)
  • Additionally, try to shorten your bath and shower times. The longer your skin is exposed to water, the drier it will become.
  • Once you step out of the shower and gently pat dry your skin with a towel, apply a hydrating, moisture-locking body cream or oil to your damp skin. This is key, as using the right moisturizer at the right time will allow you to live in comfortable, hydrated, glowing skin for hours.
  • Reapply the hydrating, moisture-locking body cream or oil after washing your hands and even before bedtime to help your skin repair overnight and start the next day feeling soft and supple.

Dry skin has a fragile moisture barrier that can be quickly disrupted and damaged by external and environmental factors, such the aforementioned hot water, dry, cold air, and even pollution and UV rays.

When it comes to caring for dry skin in the winter, it’s all about enveloping the skin with hydration and using products that actively protect your skin’s natural moisture.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

If all the talk is about how dry, harsh winter weather strips the skin of its natural oils, individuals with naturally oily, greasy skin may feel inclined to rejoice, thinking winter can help their skin course correct to normal.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Cold, dry air still bulldozes into the skin’s natural moisture barrier, robbing the skin of essential moisture – even if you have oily skin – and, in turn, the skin’s oil production is sent into overdrive and releases more oil which compounds the problem by clogging pores and causing inflammation or irritation.

This isn’t good news, we know. But here’s what you can do:

  • Start the day by gently exfoliating your skin – from head to toe – with an exfoliating body cleanser. The key word here is gently. If you scrub too hard, you will be creating the exact same scenario as above and your skin will be forced to produce more oil.
  • When washing the cleanser off, make sure your last rinse is with cold water. This will force your pores to close and help prevent dirt and other particles in the air from entering.
  • Follow your exfoliation routine with a good lightweight moisturizer that easily absorbs into the skin. Moisturizing helps to keep all skin types (even oily ones) healthily hydrated.
  • While it’s important to remove makeup before bed, your oily skin demands it. If left on, make-up can mix with the dirt, sweat and oil on your face and lead to clogged pores.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

As the name suggests, your skin lives at the intersection of all things dry (your cheeks, around your eyes, arms, legs), oily (your T-zone) and rough (your nose, chin, elbows, knees). Add winter’s unrelenting weather conditions and your skin may suggest a hibernation routine instead of trying a winter skin care routine.

But the tweaks to your skin care regime can be simple and will hopefully do wonders for your skin. Keep in mind that you may need to use different products on different areas of your body to address every need your skin has.

  • Combination skin tends to react best with gentle cleansers and moisturizers. Try to avoid thick moisturizing products. Body oils that boast a non-greasy formula and are made to absorb and lock-in moisture quickly can help even out most of your combination areas.
  • Gentle, water-soluble washes will also help you strike the balance your combination areas are craving.
  • To help any area that is suffering from winter-related dullness – especially your rough areas – use a gentle exfoliating body cleanser to reinvigorate the skin and give it new life.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin

The winter months seem to highlight exactly what type of skin you have by showcasing skin-redness, bumps, and rashes. A winter skin care routine can help you banish these symptoms and welcome back your even complexion.

  • With sensitive skin, you’ve got to turn down the water temperature when you’re bathing and washing. When the hot water removes essential moisture from your skin, it becomes irritated – irate at times – and will tell you by turning red and fostering those bumps and rashes. Stick to lukewarm water.
  • Opt for a gentle, all-natural cleanser that is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. The less ingredients, the better.
  • To hydrate your skin, gentle, mild moisturizers tend to work well for sensitive skin. All-natural body oils that are infused with a combination of essential oils are gentle and effective at repairing the skin’s moisture barrier and keeping the skin hydrated all day long.
  • When washing your body and face, try to minimize how often you wash and how long you’re hitting your skin with water. The longer your skin is exposed to water, the drier it will become because you’re washing off your natural oils. And, as you know, the drier it becomes, the more irritated and red it will stay.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Normal Skin

Having the good fortune of normal skin is quite the hallelujah, but taking a slightly different approach to your skin during the cold months is still necessary to ensure your skin stays in tip-top shape – because harsh winters can wreak havoc on any type of skin.

  • Be sure to always hydrate your skin in the morning – from head to toe – to support your skin in retaining moisture throughout the day.
  • While hot water may not hurt your skin as badly as some of the other skin types, it still can strip your epidermis of natural oils. Because of this, wash your body and face with mostly lukewarm water.
  • Use a gentle exfoliating body cleanser to wake up your skin and to wash away any sweat and dirt that is lingering in your pores. Be sure to not scrub too hard, though, as all skin is fragile and appears best when approached in a gentle manner. To ensure your skin is fresh and clean, gently exfoliate again before bed.
  • After any bath or shower – during morning, night, or both – pat dry your skin and immediately hydrate it with an all-natural moisturizer. Even though your skin can handle more, treating it to an all-natural product that not only locks-in essential moisture, but also delivers vital nutrients and desired benefits (like anti-aging and anti-wrinkles, strength, elasticity and firmness, and a youthful glow) will make you fall in love with your skin every single day.

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