How to Moisturize Dry Skin on Legs & Feel More Confident in Your Skin

Day after day, as you remove your legs from your tights or slacks or leggings or the most perfect pair of skinny jeans, you’re reminded of the dry, flaky skin that constantly lingers.

The scaly skin was annoying during winter, but it was easy to cover your legs up and get on with your day. With spring in full force and summer quickly on the horizon, it’s time to find a hydrating scaly skin treatment that not only works, but also evens your skin tone and helps it maintain that coveted, youthful glow.

It’s important to note that while dry, flaky skin is never fun to deal with, a singular lotion can’t remedy the situation alone.

Before any treatment or product, it’s best to integrate these simple dry skin strategies into your daily routine to set your skin up for incredible success prior to moisturization:

How to Treat Dry Flaky Skin on Legs

Exfoliate to Rid Your Legs of Dead, Damaged Skin
When you regularly remove dead, flaky skin cells from your legs, your skin will wake up, its appearance will improve, and the growth of new, healthy skin will begin.

The best way to exfoliate is gently, as if you scrub too hard, your delicate skin will only become more irritated.

To treat your skin with extra care during this essential scaly skin treatment step, use a microdermabrasion sponge and a gentle exfoliating body cleanser to effectively buff away flaky skin and promote vibrant, youthful looking skin that looks healthy, soft and supple.

Be sure to add this exfoliating body cleanser to your skincare regime – known for its ability to improve skin texture, clarity, firmness and elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

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Wash with a Gentle Soap
Because a soap or body cleanser will always be the cornerstone of a shower/bath, it’s vital to use a product that has your skin’s best interest in mind.

When you cleanse with a harsh soap that disrupts your skin’s natural pH, natural oils can be stripped from your skin’s layers and the vicious cycle of dry skin will be stuck on repeat.

Try to use a soap or cleanser that is pH-balanced and better aligns with your skin’s slightly acidic pH level.

Shave Your Legs with a Nourishing Gel or Wash
For many, the act of shaving the legs is done several times a week – if not once a day. Unfortunately, shaving is a common culprit of dry skin by removing natural oils and creating abrasions in the skin that can lead to increased dryness.

As someone who naturally battles dry, flaky skin on the legs, we know this isn’t great news.

Luckily, using a moisturizing shaving gel or foam – as opposed to just soap and water – the remedy can be simple.

Pat Your Legs Dry with a Soft Towel
Even after your shower is over, your new scaly skin treatment has a few more simple steps.

Instead of quickly rubbing your towel over your skin with vigor, take your time and gently pat dry the skin on your legs with a soft, clean towel.


  • Rough towels have the potential to remove more natural oils from your skin.
  • Drying with too much pressure will remove too much water; water that is essential when applying a body oil, as body oils are highly effective at sealing in moisture after your skin has absorbed water from a shower.

Massage a Moisturizing Body Oil into Your Skin
With the right moisturizing product, the last step will bring everything full circle and truly elevate the skin on your legs.

Immediately after you pat dry your skin, gently and thoroughly massage a moisturizing body oil into your skin.

Why a body oil over a body lotion? Some body oils will hold moisture better than other products and allow essential nutrients to be better absorbed into your skin – making it soft and supple and leaving you with a boost in confidence to show off your legs.

Add this robust and hydrating body oil to your skincare regime. With only naturally occurring ingredients, it delivers a multitude of benefits, such as preventing or reducing marks and scars, evening your skin tone, and fighting aging.

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Feeling More Confident in Your Skin: It’s the Little Things that Make a Huge Difference

We understand that living with certain skin conditions, like dry, scaly skin on the legs, is undesirable and can become increasingly frustrating. Often times, these conditions mean hiding your beautiful skin under clothing, even on warm, gorgeous days.

Adopting new steps to your skin care routine can help your skin stay hydrated, nourished and fresh, and help you meet each day with absolute confidence.

An All-Natural Body Oil for Your Scaly Skin Treatment that will Reinvigorate Your Skin and Give It New Life

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